Reasons to automate your invoice handling process

Reasons to automate your invoice handling process

Heeros offers modules for the different phases of your purchase invoice handling process. Together they form a seamless cloud solution to enhance your purchase invoice process. Here we highlight the benefits of each module to show you how Heeros adds value by streamlining your purchase invoice processes.

Super-fast purchase invoice processing

The invoice handling process starts when purchase invoices are received. Our new module, Heeros Purchase Invoices, makes receiving quick and easy. All scanned paper invoices, PDF invoices as well as images of invoices can be sent as a simple email attachment to a designated email address. Invoices are automatically analysed for invoice data capture within seconds of entry.

You choose whether invoices are automatically posted to default supplier accounts, and the user just needs to validate the captured data. We also offer electronic invoice support for UBL, Simplerinvoicing and PEPPOL. To enhance your invoice handling process, there is one view for all received invoices, and invoice validation and posting can be completed straight after entry. The invoice is then directly circulated to the invoice approver in the Heeros approval workflow module. When approval is not needed, invoices can be transferred directly to your bookkeeping system.

Cut minutes to mere seconds

Invoice transfer from validation directly to approver takes just seconds thanks to the seamless integration of our modules. Approval workflow is simple to configure and invoices circulate smoothly to the budget holders.

The invoice handler receives automated email notifications to ensure invoices are approved in time. The workflow configuration also reduces risk by implementing, for example, the four-eyes principle in processing the invoice through a workflow to transfer to your ERP and onward to payment. Invoice handling is easy as a mobile app gives the approver the freedom to review and approve invoices wherever and whenever.

After approval workflow and transfer to the ERP, invoices are securely stored in the Heeros digital archive. Its extensive search functions, especially the full text search, are greatly appreciated by our customers and make it easy to find stored invoices and documents. From a control point of view, the archive allows defining of different access levels and restriction of documents. Everything that various auditors may ask to see can be retrieved with ease.

Let us enhance your purchase invoice process!

When it comes to service, Heeros is a partner that combines the heart and soul of a small business with the quality and reliability of a large player. The implementation of our purchase invoice process modules for your invoice handling is quick and easy, taking just days to set up.


Heidi Hyyryläinen
Head of Invoice Automation