It's time to wrap up and thank you for 2022

It's time to wrap up and thank you for 2022

Dear Heeros customers and partners,

A year ago we did not expect 2022 to turn out like it did. Restrictions were getting removed, economic growth seemed promising and we were overall pretty optimistic. The past years have truly taught us all how important it is to adapt.  

Now is the time to go digital

We should not hold back with digitalization, now is the time. Despite the economic uncertainty, we should keep in mind the importance of innovation and digitalization to businesses. There are benefits to be seized even for the smallest ones. We at Heeros are supporting companies on this path.

Modern, expanded portfolio introduced to markets

We have been successfully executing our strategy, and our expanded portfolio has been well received by our customers. In the spring, we launched Heeros PSA work management platform. In the fall, we launched Heeros HR solution and a completely new offering for small businesses. And we did not forget our clientele working in financial management, but introduced the new Heeros Sales Invoice solution just before the end of the year. 

I want to thank all our customers and partners on behalf of the entire Heeros team. We've incorporated remote work to our everyday life but it has been great to meet you face-to-face again. The need to meet and interact in person has not gone away and on the other hand, together we achieve the most.

We wish everyone happy holidays and prosperous New Year 2023. We at Heeros are already eagerly waiting for the upcoming year!

Best Regards,

Mikko Pilkama__
Mikko Pilkama