The easier way to process your purchase invoices

The easier way to process your purchase invoices

After six months of customer piloting with definitive positive results, we launched the new Heeros Purchase Invoices solution for all our customers early this autumn. Our product development team are particularly grateful for the very valuable feedback, insights and practical tips we received from our pilot customers on how to finalise our purchase invoices cloud-based software.

Heeros Purchase Invoices: our business promise

Because we wanted to offer a variety of tailored options for processing purchase invoices, Heeros Purchase Invoices was piloted in the Netherlands in a slightly different way than in Finland. Despite this slightly different way of operating, our business promise remains the same: make processing of purchase invoices more efficient and save our clients’ time. The purpose of our solution is to reduce delays, provide an effortless way to receive invoices and allow processing of all incoming invoices in one place by using a single, user-friendly interface.

How did we do in the pilot?

We very much appreciated the opportunity of piloting our solution together with forward-thinking and responsive customers. Heeros Purchase Invoices was well-received by all testers, who were pleased with the overall experience of using our software and gave us valuable feedback. Piloting is not always a walk in the park, especially when a new solution is under development, but our customers identified shortcomings or problems in a positive way and gave immediate feedback, so we were able to make corrections right away.

It's fast!

Our users unanimously praised the invoice-processing speed of Heeros Purchase Invoices. For example, the ability to check the invoice details yourself and forward the invoice immediately to the next stage in the cycle led to considerable time savings. Our Dutch customers were able to cut out the time it takes to process invoices in the accounts payable department or service centre, which can take up to two days. Also, having an overview of all invoices in one single view, with no switching between windows, accelerated the invoicing process, especially for accountants. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what one of our customers, Talopak, said:

“In Heeros Purchase Invoices, new invoices for all our companies are displayed in a single window where they can easily be dealt with. The time savings are considerable.” (Tarja Heilä, Talopak)

It's easy!

The new user interface is perceived by our customers as an improvement to the previous solution. While the view on smaller screens is not yet ideal and still a work in progress, overall our pilot testers found Heeros Purchase Invoices to be modern and easy to use.

“Invoice processing has become much easier and faster, especially since we have so many companies to take care of.” (Tarja Heilä, Talopak)

It's agile!

Reducing the proportion of paper invoices is a significant step in increasing automation of the purchase invoice process. Our solution also allows suppliers who do not use e-invoices to still send invoices conveniently in a digital format. The ease and speed of receiving email invoices was perceived as a huge advantage during piloting and it also allows the customer to make their internal processes more efficient.

Let’s keep up the good work

During the first phase of developing the Heeros Purchase Invoices solution, we focused on building a quick and easy way to receive and process invoices. We’re now focusing on more detailed improvements, such as enhancing the interpretation of invoices received. Next year, we will also start preparations for AI-supported posting, which will make the purchase invoice process even more efficient.

We’re excited to carry on with our product development and to continue working with our customers and responding to their needs. Thank you again to all the first-stage pilot customers of Heeros Purchase Invoices!


Heidi Hyyryläinen
Head of Invoice Automation
Heeros Oyj

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