Heeros' new offering meets the needs of small businesses

Heeros' new offering meets the needs of small businesses

September 22, 2022

Heeros is bringing to the market a completely new offering for small businesses. With the help of the Heeros Small Business software, a company of 1-10 seats can now manage their business operations easily and cost-effectively, also in the international market.  

Heeros Small Business software offers small businesses a comprehensive solution for efficient processing of offers and invoices as well as better cash flow management. Read what kind of problems it solves and why using it is a wise choice.

The entire business operations in one package saves time and money 

Heeros is bringing to the market an automated Small Business software that brings savings in many ways. With the software, sole proprietors as well as companies of 2-10 seats can easily simplify processes and optimize the handling of sales, sales offers and invoices, all the way to accounting. 

Our Heeros Small Business solution is built to be simple in a good way, without forgetting a pleasant user experience. It is suitable from freelancers to growing companies, and especially for those who need to manage their business operations on the go. Versatile features ensure that the company gets more than what it pays for. 

It is clear that managing businesses more efficiently and with well-calculated costs also guides the company on its growth journey. The great thing about the Heeros Small Business solution is that when the company grows, there is no need to change the software, because it scales well in line with the growth of the company and you can continue working smoothly with the same tool. 


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Simplify your work – handle all the following with Heeros Small Business software 

The Heeros Small Business software provides comprehensive support for small businesses’ operations. It includes everything from invoicing, sales quotes and proposals to billable hours and expenses. With the software, you can create, send and get approvals for sales quotes from your customer, create invoices in seconds, track billable hours and automate the processing of expenses, even on the go. 

When using the sales quotes feature, you can create stylish offers that can be easily sent to your customers directly from the software. You will receive a notification when the customer takes action, and you can manage the entire process easily with one tool. 

Invoices can be created in seconds and you can customize them easily according to your project needs. You can invoice recurring and scheduled invoices, hours, products and expenses as well as send invoices using the mobile application from anywhere. This way you can easily stay up to date with your company cash flow. 

Time is money, that's why we automated the whole time tracking and invoicing process. Simply customize your hourly rates and you'll never miss a billable hour. You can enjoy the growth of your business without watching the clock. 

The creation, processing and monitoring of expenses can be done even on the go. Take a picture of your receipts, add to projects and reimburse on invoices with just a few clicks. With easy reporting, you will get a 360-degree view of all your expenses.

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There are many reasons for choosing the Heeros Small Business solution - Benefits 

The Heeros Small Business solution is the easiest-to-use program on the market for managing small business’ operations. This smart work management platform takes running a business to a whole new level, as it is specifically designed and developed for the needs of small businesses. Its versatile features and automated functions simplify work, make sales easier as well as working capital turnover and cash collection quicker. 

When you use one tool to manage sales and invoicing processes, you can forget about spreadsheets and invoice or sales offer templates, as well as boring paperwork and manual sales processes. The Heeros Small Business software solves e.g. problems related to invoicing, sales offers and getting customer approvals, as well as managing billable hours, expenses and accounting. The Small Business solution can also be used in cooperation with an accounting firm, which makes management of processes and collaboration easier with the help of digital tools. 

The easy integration of the software unites business operations into a single entity 

Heeros Small Business software integrates easily with other applications and thus unites fragmented tools into a single entity. You can easily integrate the software with the rest of the Heeros product family, such as online invoicing, accounting and HR systems, as well as with almost every other financial management software. Our ready-made integrations, e.g. to Google calendar, Office 365 as well as the sales, marketing, customer service and customer registry automation system Hubspot, also help manage the whole. 

Systems integrated with each other form a seamless whole and make processes run faster and more efficiently. When all information is immediately available, manual work is reduced, and in addition, real-time information management keeps you up to date and helps to make better decisions. 

Get to know the integrations available at Heeros and why software integration is always worth it.

The implementation of the Small Business solution is super easy 

Today, many companies are affected by various unusual crises. The economic and energy crisis prevailing in the world, and an inflation forecast that is gloomier than before, not to mention the challenges brought by COVID-19, have piled up worries everywhere, especially in the everyday life of many small entrepreneurs. This is why now is the right time to start using software that supports more cost-effective management of business operations. 

Heeros' new business model and offering enables you to use the Heeros Small Business software by registering for the service directly on our website and selecting the service package you want, after which the software is immediately available. Being able to start using the software independently, without intermediaries, brings its benefits to use faster. Easy and effortless, right?  

Thanks to the well-structured process, you also don't need separate training to use the Heeros Small Business solution. The software's user-friendly interface ensures that you can learn how to use the features and functions independently. As your company grows, you can also easily upgrade your plan and get access to more features. 

The first plan of the Heeros Small Business solution is completely free, so make a wise decision and reap the benefits now!